Laser Liposuction

Miami patients who are considering laser liposuction through the medical office of Dr. Roudner might worry about the invasiveness of the procedure, whether it is safe and the pros and cons. Over the years, liposuction has gotten a bad reputation because it was originally an invasive and painful procedure. Since medical advances allows doctors like Dr. Roudner to use laser technology, Miami patients can rest assured that removing the stubborn fat from your body is less painful than the original techniques that made the public leery of the procedure.

How Laser Liposuction Works:

Understanding how the procedure works will take out some of the fear of getting liposuction in Miami. Dr. Roudner is a highly qualified doctor in laser liposuction and he will ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Miami patients can have peace of mind when Dr. Roudner uses laser liposuction to remove excess fat from the body.

The way that a laser liposuction works is through the heat melting the fat into a liquid state. Once the fat in the area is liquefied, Miami Dr. Roudner is able to use the suction to easily remove the fat from your body.

While it still has a minor invasive quality to the procedure, it is far less invasive than previous procedures that would forcibly remove the fat without altering the composition. Once the liposuction removes the liquid fat, recovery time is much faster due to the fact that the procedure is milder.

Two types of laser liposuction procedures are available through the Miami office of Dr. Roudner: external and internal.

External Procedure:

The external laser liposuction procedure uses a laser on the outside of the body before using the suction to remove the fat. Dr. Roudner will give his Miami patients a local anesthetic and then use the laser on trouble areas outside the body. The heat from the laser will melt the fat into a liquid state. Dr. Roudner will then use suction to remove the liquid from a patientâ’s body.

The external procedure allows the doctor to shape the contours of the body through fat removal and then the suction will only remove the liquefied fat.

Internal Procedure:

The other laser liposuction procedure is internal. Miami patients who opt for an internal laser liposuction will have the laser attached to the suction device. The laser melts the fat while the suction removes it at the same time. This procedure is mildly more invasive than the external procedure, but Miami patients will often have similar results in the end.


The benefits of a laser liposuction procedure over the older versions of the procedure are numerous. A Miami patient can feel confident that Dr. Roudner will sculpt her ideal body by removing the fat through the laser liposuction procedure.

The obvious benefit is the reduction of fat in a gentler way than previous procedures. The original procedures were harsh and left patients in pain. The laser will leave the body sore, but due to the less invasive nature of the liposuction procedure, Miami patients will not need to worry about stitches or heavy bleeding.

The laser liposuction performed by Dr. Roudner will not leave as many scars as previous procedures. A Miami patient who sees Dr. Roudner will rest assured that he uses the most recent technology so scarring is minimal. Most Miami patients will see that they do not scar at all when the procedure is done because less required suction means that smaller tools are necessary and thus less scarring results from the procedure.

Any patient of Dr. Roudner will also see that recovery time with a laser procedure is much faster. Instead of staying off the Miami beaches for well over a month while recovering, most patients will recover in a few weeks to a month.

The last major benefit patients of Dr. Roudner will see when they get a laser liposuction is firmer skin. The laser promotes collagen production, which in turn makes the skin more youthful and tight.

Final Words:

Miami patients who want to remove fat and see Dr. Roudner will have the opportunity for a laser procedure. Dr. Roudner will ensure that all patients are as comfortable as possible and that the minimal risks associated with the procedure are as low as possible. Patients will see amazing results by going through this procedure.